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 "Having been involver with ICRE now for over 30 years with business interest in multiple

sectors. I can't say enough about the quality and consistency of your oraganization.  Not

only has our membership in ICRE been valuable to all our companies, but also to so many

of our clients and associates.  Feel free to have any prospective members contact me as a

referral....  I promise that I will tell them my enthusiasm and endorsement is not being

compensated for in any way.  They can't afford NOT to belong to your group.!"


C. Edward "Ed" Schumer


m: 314.856.2336 I e: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


 "Your Exchange is all that you say it is, you have doubled our bids, saved us hundreds of dollars,

 enabled us to use necessary services previously not affordable, such as chiropractic, auto repair,

tax services, eye care and many more with performance and quality. Your program has also

expanded our customer base without the cost of additional advertising. Your weekly Network

meetings have been of great value, fun, and immediately create new business potential. I would

highly recommend your program to anyone seeking to expand, retain cash flow, gain new

customers and profit.  You provide all of this with integrity which you display so well." 

HENRI M00Y 314-330-1395


"Al: I want to let you know that Danny, the auto repair guy, is the Best!  I've used him to repair a non-working

turn signal, put on front brakes, and replaced the sockets and lights for my license plate.  He came to my

house, worked hard, great talk, very honest, more than fair price.  Pass this on! Thanks!"

Fred E. Miller, AUTHOR, SPEAKER, Innovator.  314-517-8772

"We joined ICRE last September. ICRE really helps the growth of our website design business.

ICRE brings the business owners together to increase the businesses and save cash on daily

expenses. So far, we have receved a lot of extra website design businesses and had save a lot

of cash on air duct cleaning, heating and cooling replacement, dentist and much more. We

strongly recommend ICRE to business owners who are looking for extra business and saving

cash flow at the same time"   Dr. Richard Yang, Owner, St. Louis Web Center. 314-881-9005

- http://www.stlwebcenter.com  


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