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Since 1982, International Credit Reserve Exchange, Ltd. (ICRE) has been operating as a Referral Service and Business Co-Operative helping local companies achieve new business and more cash flow! 

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A Professional Service Provider (Accountant, Attorney , Doctor, ect.) learns that ICRE is a source for Supplelemental business.  Existing clients are currently covering the annual fixed operating

However, the weekly schedule is 60% full with the remaining hours available for added, extra business.

Without spending out-of-pocket funds for advertising or buying leads, appeal to fellow Members of ICRE who want to become your clients.  This creates an extra 5-10 hours of totally billable work each week

Members of ICRE use their Credit Dollars and will pay the current billable rate for Providers can now use the Credit Dollars they collect their business expenses which previously were paid in cash.  Consider that a PSP doesn’t need to spend cash for business expenses.  There are ICRE Members who are both excellent referral resources for your business and are competitively priced that accept your zero cash

-cost Credit Dollars.  You now keep the profit that was previously spent for business expenses and it goes straight to your bottom line.  The benefit to the Professional Service Provider is greater net profit!

And almost 1200 fellow Business Owner Listings in the St. Louis Region will gladly accept your net Credit Dollars for the items that you need in part-, or all-trade.  Without any up-front cost to join, ICRE gets paid out of the proceeds from new business that never existed before being generated by the Exchange.  It’s also possible that your present business vendors might be interested in seeing either ICRE’s “The Best “Top 10” Reasons Why Business Owners Will Succeed With ICRE,” or “The Best “Top 15+” Trade Secrets For ICRE Members”.  A referral is all that’s needed to help an existing business associate realize that you care about improving their productivity.  Almost any business that raises their billable hours by another

10-20% per week will enjoy an increase in productivity, profits and sales - guaranteed!    

Go to the Online Presentation found at www.ICRE.CC and see “The Best “Top 10” Reasons That Business Owners Will Succeed  ICRE,” as well as “The Best “Top 15+” Trade Secrets For ICRE Members”.  Contact  ICRE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /314-962-9222.  Get a new business approach for your Professional Service Firm in 30 minutes with resources available today.  There’s no financial risk and you can exit at any time.

Since 1982 ICRE Is:        

“Your Source For New Customers And Significant Cash Flow Improvement!”

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