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ICRE Introduction Video: Click here(90 seconds).

 This is a quick highlight of our Referral Cooperative.  

Why Business Owners In The St. Louis Area Join And Use ICRE & Enhanced Networking:

 The "Top 10" Reasons Business Owners Will Succeed With ICRE!

1. Growth in New Business. As a Business Owner, get new,  extra  business  using available, open time slots in your schedule to improve your  backlog.   

2. Without spending up-front cash (as in advertising or buying leads), join the ICRE Business Referral cooperative, which is a Business Resource Group.  

3. A No Risk, Trial Membership is available and you are free to opt-out of ICRE at any time.   

4. Referrals are from ICRE Members, who are Business Owners, with no need to offer discounts on quotes for this new, supplemental business.  

5. Also, ICRE Members WANT TO refer additional prospects outside of the ICRE Membership.   

6. Gain added professional experience using available opportunities that come from fellow ICRE Members who get paid for referring one another new business. 

7. Use ICRE resources to negotiate with prospects who can’t afford what you are asking, or they are buying from a competitor.  Enjoy a higher closing ratio and improve your bottom line.  

8. An increase in sales of 5-15% results in a significant cash flow improvement  and enhanced net profit at the end of each quarter.  

9. With over 35 years of experience (since 1982), use a proven approach that offers a business boost that’s more than profitable. 

10. If this makes sense, then use ICRE to help serve your business needs. We want to establish how this is a win-win approach for Business Owners. 

We Value Your Time!  Take our online short course (25-40 minutes) to understand and sign-up as an ICRE member.  We will reduce your one-time, no-risk, trial membership fee by 20%.  The remaining membership fee comes out of the proceeds of your new business. 

When you're ready to join, Click here.  You are welcome to text, email or call us with any questions you have

that need answers. Text: 314-616-3375   E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Office: 314-962-9222 Ask for Al or John 

We would like to give you a FREE $50.00 Gift Certificate to one of ICRE'S several restaurants.
Click here for more details. (Limited time offer.)

Is Your Business A Prospect For ICRE?

1. Do you realize there is zero up-front cost to join or use the ICRE Exchange with the No-Risk, Trial membership?

2. There is absolutely no need to discount your products / services to get this new business, as happens so frequently with advertising!

3. ICRE is a Referral Service and Business Co-op.  We are not bartering!

4. Get new business from ICRE members and collect the project cost in cash, check or credit card.  Receive your markup or gross profit in ICRE Credit Dollars*.

These Credit Dollars can be spent like cash with other ICRE members and also converted into cash, dollar for dollar through our Enhanced Networking Referral Group.  This is new, extra business that comes to you without effort on your part!

5. "ICRE Is Your Source For New Business And Significant Cash Flow Improvement."  

*Credit Dollars are ICRE's Currency.  They can be exchanged for the markup on a project for goods and services both inside and outside of ICRE.  Since 1982 Credit Dollars are a recognized and regulated currency with the U.S. Federal Government. 

          Is Your Company Seeking Additional Business?

Please look over these videos to help you understand the many benefits of doing

business with ICRE.   Write down any questions you may have about each video

and contact us.  If you prefer, we are available to explain this to you over the

phone or in person.  Al  314-616-3375 or John 618-210-3761

A prospect for ICRE, is a business looking to increase their business at least
5 - 15% and knows this extra business will not interfere with service to their
existing customers. They would rather have ICRE's currency for their markup
than zero business and zero profit. 

1. ICRE Presentation, Part 1 of 3 Video: Click here (3 minutes) tosee how ICRE resources enhance business. Let us know what you think.  We’re happy to show you how we can perform because ICRE offers many unique features and benefits. 

2. ICRE Presentation, Part 2 of 3 Video: Click here(4 minutes) to find out how ICRE increases your business and your net cash flow.  You will also learn how toturn your Credit Dollars into cash, dollar for dollar.

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  1. ICRE Presentation, Part 3 of 3 Video.

  2. How ICRE is Supported Video.

  3. How to get Started Today Video.

  4. Testimonial Videos from ICRE Members.

  5. MP3 Audios

  6. Links to helpful information.

  7. Introduction To Enhanced Networking Video.

  8. Watch the Video on How ICRE And Enhanced Networking Work Together.

  9. Seminar Videos.

10. The Top 16 Trade Secrets For ICRE Members.

Please give us a call, email or text with any questions that you have regarding these videos.  We are here to serve our business members, as we have for over 35 years! And as always,

"ICRE Is Your Source For New Customers And Significant Cash Flow Improvement"


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