The Top 16 Trade Secrets For ICRE Members:

 Remember ICRE Membership Has Its Privileges!

     1. How to hold on to your cash flow and have customers coming your way without discounting.

     2. How to get paid for referring new business to other Business Owners.

     3. How to get other Business Owners to refer you cash business.

     4. How to double your Net Cash Profits without increasing your fixed or variable costs.

     5. How to eliminate Price and Competition objections without having to discount.

     6. How to earn ICRE Credit Dollars with zero cash invested.

     7. How to buy almost any A: Service B: Goods and Services or C: Goods, at cash cost and

         pay the difference with your zero cost Credit Dollars!

     8. How to buy Credit Dollar for as little as 10 cents on the dollar, cash.

     9. How to use Credit Dollar to buy from companies and individuals that are not

         in the ICRE cooperative.

   10. How to give yourself and your employees a tax free discount when

         purchasing a product or service for personal use.

   11. How to make your Advertising efforts work all the time.

   12. How to pay your Membership and other fees using Trade and Barter.

   13. How to turn your Credit Dollars into cash, dollar for dollar.

   14. How to use ICRE to resolve past due accounts.

   15. How to promote Your Business using your own Gift Certificates.

   16. How to purchase and sell large and small miscellaneous items for your business and

         personal needs using your Credit Dollars.  Large Items: Houses, Condos, Rental Properties,

         Raw Land, Lots, Timeshares (Sales & Rental), Automobiles, Planes, Boats, etc.  Small Items:

         Furniture & Office Equipment for your Office & Home, Lawn Equipment, Appliances, Jewelry etc.

"ICRE Is Your Source For New Business And Significant Cash Flow Improvement"

Use ICRE to Improve Cash Flow and to Receive Extra Business!
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