The "Top 10" Reasons Business Owners Will Succeed with ICRE!


                                 Remember, Membership Has Its Privileges!


            1. Growth in New Business. As a Business Owner, get new, extra Business using available

                     open time slots in your schedule, empty seats, etc., to improve your backlog.


                  2.Without spending up-front cash (as in advertising or buying leads), join the ICRE Business

                     Referral Cooperative, which is a Business Resource Group.


                3. A No-Risk, Trial Membership is available and you are free to opt-out of ICRE at any time.

                4. Referrals are from ICRE Members, who are Business Owners, with no need to offer

                     discounts on quotes for this new, extra business.


                5. Also, ICRE Members WANT TOrefer prospects beyond the ICRE Membership.


                6. Gain added professional experience using available opportunities that come from fellow

                     ICRE Members who get paid for referring each other new business.  


                7. Use ICRE resources to negotiate with clients who can't afford your proposals, or are

                     buying from a competitor.  Enjoy a higher closing ratio and improve your bottom line.

                   8. An increase in sales of 5-15% results in a significant cash flow improvement and

                     enhanced net profit at the end of each quarter.

                  9.With over 35 years of experience (since 1982), use a proven approach that offers a

                      business boost that’s more than profitable.  Obtain services and supplies for your

                      operation at net cash cost.

               10.If this makes sense, then use ICRE to help serve your business needs.  We want

                     to establish how this is a win-win approach for Business Owners.